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Alena Shevchenko Hesitates to Make the First Move in Playful Will She Won’t She Short ‘I’ll Say It First’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

6th February, 2020

Director Alena Shevchenko clues us into the inspirations she drew from the Soviet era for her playful will she won't she short 'I'll Say It First'.

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See How Photographer Aleksandra Kirievskaya Let Go of Fear to Grow Her Craft in Evgenii Bakirov’s ‘Shot by Sasha’


3rd December, 2019

Evgenii Bakirov combines photographer Aleksandra Kirievskaya's work with the thoughts of those who know her best for striking profile doc 'Shot by Sasha'.

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Haski & Tmin: Kill Me

Asides, Music

2nd December, 2019

Haski & Tmin attempt to woo death in Lado Kvataniya’s rumination on our inability to find peace, understanding & personal fulfilment in life 'Kill Me'.

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Maslo Chernogo Tmina: The Untitled

Asides, Music

21st November, 2019

Lado Kvataniya visits a post-Soviet purgatory where lost souls gather for a mystical ritual-transition in surreal music video 'The Untitled'.

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Noize MC: Honor the Elders

Asides, Music

11th November, 2019

Lado Kvataniya unleashes an onslaught of performance, animation and projection mapping for Noize MC’s commemoration of Russia’s literary heritage.

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Artemy Ortus Celebrates the Strength of the Female Spirit in Fierce Exaltation Short ‘In Women We Trust’

Live Action

15th August, 2019

Moscow director Artemy Ortus reveals how he marshalled resources for whistle-stop New York production 'In Women We Trust' - a celebration of female power.

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Oleg Trofim Shakes off the Shadow of Fear to Face down the Spectre of Death in ‘Wherever You Are’


7th August, 2019

DN talks to Oleg Trofim about reframing the spectre of death in his exalted celebration of the inevitable for Synecdoche Montauk's 'Wherever You Are'.

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Animation, Asides

29th May, 2019

A collaboration between 16 artists 'Ostanovka' celebrates the diversity of Russia’s bus stop designs through an equally varied mix of animation.

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Animation, Asides

7th May, 2019

Russian Motion Designer Tomin shares a rather delightful collection of fun motion sketches devised as miniature process tests in 'Continued'.

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Art & Fashion, Asides

12th April, 2019

Director and artist Anna Radchenko gets experimental in her visually rich, surreal tribute to Russia’s infatuation with space, 'Kokosmos'.

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Tomek Suwalski Journeys into a Post-Apocalyptic Russia in Thrilling CGI Metro Exodus Trailer ‘Artyom’s Nightmare’


21st March, 2019

DN speaks to writer/director Tomek Suwalski about expanding the world of the Metro game series in his thrilling cinematic CGI short 'Artyom's Nightmare'.

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Manizha: MAMA

Asides, Music

12th March, 2019

Lado Kvataniya's new short is a music video turned art-manifesto, featuring dark imagery set to Manizha's eerie aural palette.

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