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James Price Translates 70s New York into Modern Glasgow in Lo-Fi Crime Music Video ‘Diamonds Into Dust’


9th August, 2021

James Price returns to discuss using a humble handheld camera to create exhilarating Americana-influenced Glasgow crime music video 'Diamonds Into Dust'.

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Duncan Cowles Takes a Hilarious Self-Depricating Journey Into Millenial Malaise in Series ‘Scary Adult Things’


23rd April, 2021

Documentarian Duncan Cowles talks 'Scary Adult Things' and transitioning his signature comedic style from short film to a long-form series.

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A Man on the Brink of Self-Destruction Films His Final Moments in Jonny Blair’s Minimalistic ‘An Hero’

Live Action, Premiere

2nd December, 2019

Jonny Blair explains how a lack of resources and self-confidence led to the creation of his striking webcam short about a man teetering on the edge.

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Mike Vass: The Rainbow Of Your Last Days

Animation, Asides, Music

11th June, 2019

Gavin C Robinson deploys comic storyboard frames to bring the emotional colours of Mike Vass' lyrics to life in 'The Rainbow Of Your Last Days'.

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Sega Bodega: hopeless!!!

Asides, Music

6th November, 2018

A risk-averse police officer abandons his duty to dive headlong into a lust fuelled night of hedonistic pleasure in Bryan M. Ferguson’s 'hopeless!!!'.

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From Filming Stock Footage to Creating a Random Acts Short – Duncan Cowles Talks ‘Taking Stock’


18th January, 2018

Documentary dir. Duncan Cowles takes a humorous look at the world of freelance filmmaking with his Random Acts stock footage masterpiece 'Taking Stock'.

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Memories Light the Difficult Path Ahead in Gavin C Robinson’s Contemplative Music Video ‘Eyes Fixed’

Animation, Music

1st April, 2016

DN speaks to Director Gavin C Robinson about his latest collaboration with musician Mike Vass for animated music video ‘Eyes Fixed’.

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Gavin C Robinson Searches for the Ideal Life in BAFTA Winning Animated Short ‘Hart’s Desire’


4th May, 2015

Gavin C Robinson tells DN how he brought together an aspiring hermit, an aspiring socialite and a shared flask of tea for his charming animation 'Hart’s

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A Father & Son Find Themselves Emotional Light-Years Apart in ‘Mission’

Live Action

11th November, 2013

In Mark Buchanan’s previous short The Search, a lonely man fastidiously studied the heavens in the hope of making contact. Maintaining his narrative

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TheyAreAnimators #15: White Robot


2nd September, 2013

If you want to grab the attention of the right people in the short film arena, winning a BAFTA is certainly one way to go about. Production company White

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DN297: Radiance – Andrew Cumming

Live Action, Podcasts

22nd August, 2013

Although weaved throughout with fantastical elements, at its core Andrew Cumming’s short Radiance is the story of a codependence fuelled by sisterly love

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Art & Fashion, Documentary

3rd April, 2013

Scottish filmmaker Sam Firth finds a creative use for old passport photos in I.D., a short exploring teenage identity.

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