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WeAreDN // Lockdown: End of Days

Animation, Film Festival, Live Action

10th May, 2020

This week in our WeAreDN // Lockdown shorts, themes of an apocalyptic nature remind us that the unthinkable can happen beyond what we are experiencing now

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WeAreDN // Lockdown: Cults

Film Festival, Live Action, Music

19th April, 2020

Join us for this week's WeAreDN // Lockdown shorts and five distinct portrayals of 'Cults' and their Kool-Aid drinking lunacy.

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A Woman Fights Against the Subjugation of a Strange Religious Cult in Thomas Vernay’s ‘Fantome X’


5th February, 2019

DN talks to Thomas Vernay about creating a folk horror wrapped sci-fi music video addressing female subjugation for Scratch Massive’s 'Fantome X'.

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A Teenager Undergoes a Transformation of the Self in Thomas Vernay’s Metamorphosis Music Video ‘Flesh’


20th November, 2018

Thomas Vernay shares how his interest in gender transformation and the breaking down of societal prejudices led to self-metamorphosis music video 'Flesh'.

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Maud Geffray: Ice Teens

Asides, Music

22nd March, 2018

A cohort of compliant girls at an isolated boarding school are indoctrinated into their own demise in Thomas Vernay’s 'Ice Teens'.

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Thomas Vernay Chases the Fleetingness of Youth to the End of the World in ‘Contrails’


2nd March, 2018

Thomas Vernay explains how casting and a free form approach to cinematography were key elements in the creation of his ode to the end of all things.

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