Empty streets, boarded up shops, haunted playgrounds, police controlling our movements and swathes of deaths. These are motifs we are accustomed to in films, TV and literature, yet unbelievably they are the times we are living in. This week in our WeAreDN // Lockdown shorts, themes of an apocalyptic nature remind us that the unthinkable can happen beyond what we are experiencing now.

Apocalypse Norway by Jakob Rørvik

Oda and her friends are documenting their privileged, young lives on social media while holidaying in the south of Norway. Then the world ends. [Read the interview]

Contrails by Thomas Vernay

The nostalgic, carefree days of youthful friendships give way to the end of all things. [Read the interview]

Z by Alan Warburton

Z is about how we make sense of the clutter of current events, how we create epochs, and how, in an era of intense global change, we are affected by a longterm myopia that obscures us to the larger forces at work.

Outliers by Lucas Krost

A young woman desperately tries to escape from a city that’s been besieged by a lethal virus.

Hold by Eric Kole

A man stuck in his endless loneliness wanders in a post-apocalyptic world… Only to discover he is not alone. [Read the interview]

If you enjoyed this week’s selection check out our other WeAreDN // Lockdown collections. We’ll be back next week with more themed shorts for your viewing pleasure. If you have a film you’d like us to consider for future WeAreDN // Lockdown programmes submit it here.

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