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A Roundup of Filmstock 12

After a ten year hiatus Filmstock, one of Britain's best independent film festivals made a most welcome return - these are some of our highlights.

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DN353: Rob Curry & Tim Plester Herald the Rebirth of a Folk Legend in ‘The Ballad of Shirley Collins’

Rob Curry & Tim Plester craft a lyrical response to the life, work & tragic loss of the High Queene of English Folk music, Shirley Collins.

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Art & Fashion

Step Inside Tim Plester’s JFK Assassination Memento Mori ‘Et In Motorcadia Ego!’

As you’ll no doubt be aware from the slew of programmes commemorating, analysing and dramatising the tragic event, November 22nd 2013 marked the 50th

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Way of the Morris Cinema Release

Back in March I travelled out to Austin, Texas for the SXSW film festival and met up with director/actor/writer Tim Plester to chat about the feature

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DN SXSW2011: Way of the Morris – Tim Plester

Despite living a 50 minute train ride from my house, it took, two planes and the SXSW film festival for me to catch up with actor and director Tim Plester.

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DN092: English Language (With English Subtitles) – Tim Plester

Tim Plester joins us this week to discuss his DVD released trilogy of shorts and directorial debut English Language (With English Subtitles), which he also

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