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Jenny Jokela Creates a Tribute to Friendship & Self-Confidence in Animated Visual Poem ‘Live a Little’

Animation, Premiere

6th March, 2020

Jenny Jokela discusses creating a female lead who "isn’t necessarily likeable or perfect in any way" in her latest animated short 'Live a Little'

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David Findlay Celebrates the Compulsions of the Restless Mind in Visual Poem ‘You Know Where You Belong’

Art & Fashion

31st October, 2019

David Findlay casts a meditative eye on the idiosyncratic quirks and compulsions of human behaviour in visual poem piece 'You Know Where You Belong'.

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Asides, Live Action

28th August, 2019

Director Ben Lankester returns to DN with a modern and intimate visual adaption of Polish writer Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska's poem 'Love'.

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Negative Space

Animation, Asides

17th July, 2019

A man recalls the bonding experience of learning the intricacies of a well packed suitcase from his father in Tiny Inventions' 'Negative Space'.

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Kristian Mercado Figueroa Explores the Complex Relationship of Womanhood Across Latinx Generations in ‘Mariposa’

Art & Fashion

1st July, 2019

Kristian Mercado Figueroa returns to DN for a chat about visualising Rachel Inez Marshall's poem in his exploration of womanhood across Latinx generations.

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Andy McCallie Documents Chris Robertson’s Profound Monologue on American History in One-Take Short ‘Freedom Song’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

24th June, 2019

Andy McCallie tells DN how he used the restrictions of one-shot filmmaking to manifest the power of Chris Robertson's profound ‘Freedom Song' monologue.

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Anisa Nandaula Rages Against Australia’s Draconian Refugee Policies in Bill+Brown’s Blistering ‘The Year Is 2020’

Art & Fashion

10th June, 2019

Bill+Brown discuss collaborating with writer Anisa Nandaula on gut punch film 'The Year is 2020' which calls out Australia’s draconian refugee policies.

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Will & Carly Confront a Rising Tide of Youth Violence in Poetic Anti-Knife Crime Short ‘No More Knives LDN’

Art & Fashion

6th March, 2019

Directing duo Will & Carly tell DN why they felt compelled to address escalating knife crime by combining slam poetry & 16mm film in 'No More Knives LDN'.

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Cell Watch Strip Cell

Art & Fashion, Asides, Live Action

18th January, 2019

Jane Morledge's 'Cell Watch Strip Cell' adapts Susannah Nevison’s poem into a powerful exploration of the debilitating effects of solitary confinement.

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Amar Hernández Captures the Gentle Spirit of Cape Verde in Poetic 16mm Short ‘Morabeza’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

2nd January, 2019

DN speaks to Amar Hernández about creating a literary journey of discovery revealing the beauty & diversity of Cape Verde in poetic 16mm short 'Morabeza'.

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Mohammed Hammad Explores the Influence of Police Intervention on Native American Lives in ‘American Arithmetic’

Art & Fashion, Documentary, Premiere

22nd October, 2018

DN talks to Mohammed Hammad about his intimate look at a community of Native American organizers reclaiming land & culture in the face of police violence.

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Experience the Refugee Journey Through Western Eyes in Ty Richardson’s Emotive Short ‘War Poem’

Art & Fashion, Live Action, Premiere

19th June, 2018

DN speaks to Ty Richardson about creating an empathic, fictionalised version of a refugee crisis as experienced through Western eyes in 'War Poem'.

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