Director Brendon Foster-Algoo joins us to discuss his boxing short Anamnesis, which explores the psychological legacies of childhood violence past, through violence present in the ring.

Anamnesis (2004)

Why do we fight? Are we able to live past our experiences? Anamnesis explores two boxers’ traumatic childhood’s as they fight each other in the ring. A curious dissection into the psychology of boxing as well as a metaphor for cognitive behavioural theory, Anamh3nesis asks unflinching questions about who, why, and how we are, and explores how traumatic experiences shape us, and motivate our actions in the present. Who will win this physical and cognitive battle? Anamnesis represents the human conundrum-the impossible question- one we have to answer for ourselves.

Through the fusion of sound, editing and cinematography, deeper texts can be created in order to create a more enriching viewing experience.

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