Today is a show of firsts. Our guest Susie Glynn is the first solo woman director we’ve interviewed on the show to date and is here to discuss the first dance film to be featured on Directors Notes, her one minute piece Frame of Mind, which is the shortest director’s note we’ve featured, but you and I know it’s quality not quantity that counts!

Frame of Mind (2004)

It’s the aftermath of a party and time to leave, but something, or someone, is holding this girl back!

One Response to DN014: Frame of Mind – Susie Glynn

  1. Susie Glynn says:

    Just wanted to get in touch & say thanks for putting Heather from US art gallery Lumen Eclipse ( touch with me. I’ve sent her Frame of Mind & it’s going to be exhibited at the gallery in May, which happens to be Dance Month!

    Thanks again.

    Susie Glynn
    Frame of Mind

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