This quarter of a century numbered interview focusses on an inspiring, experimental, fairy-tale animation called Sweet Salt from director Katerina Athanasopoulou, which was commissioned by animate! for their annual Channel Four slot.

Sweet Salt (2005)

A love story of obsession and sharp teeth between a woman left behind in a fairy tale gone wrong and a merman trapped in a reality that drowns him.

3 Responses to DN025: Sweet Salt – Katerina Athanasopoulou

  1. Alex says:

    Hi Katerina, hi MarBelle (sorry mate, ladies first šŸ™‚

    Katerina, I listened to the podcast and was inspired to view your film. Fantastic, a creative explosion! Well done, congratulations!

    MarBelle, thank you for your constant efforts and bringing us your podcast on a regular basis, I am a frequent listener of your cast.

    [email protected]

  2. MarBelle says:

    Hi Alex,

    Being greeted second is always fine when it’s in the service of correct gentlemanly manners.

    Glad you liked Katerina’s interview, she truly is a great filmmaker, with a fantastic visual style. I hope your movie project gets off the ground and once it’s all done and dusted, perhaps we might see you over here for a chat.


  3. Katerina says:

    thank you both very much for your comments, good luck with your love story Alex!

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