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Sally Tran Answers the Urgent Call to Join the BLM Movement With Mixed Media Doc ’60 Years and Still’


10th December, 2020

10 Black victims of police brutality are movingly surveyed in Sally Tran's table top mixed media film '60 Years and Still' — created completely in-camera.

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Nothing is Original

Animation, Asides

7th February, 2019

Poligonic's Alberto Sáenz Gómez Tello exalts the creative power of stealing from the work that inspires you in animated short 'Nothing is Original'.

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Too Young for a Memoir

Animation, Asides

29th January, 2019

Artist/Animator Case Jernigan submerges us in a reservoir of memory, nostalgia and regret in mixed media animation short 'Too Young for a Memoir'.

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Viva La Vulva

Asides, Live Action, Music

27th November, 2018

Somesuch Director Kim Gehrig celebrates the diverse beauty of the vulva in this absolutely joyous, mixed media ad for Libresse, 'Viva La Vulva'.

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Mike Shinoda: Make It Up As I Go

Animation, Asides, Music

25th September, 2018

Antoni Sendra merges photocopies, rotoscopy, hand drawn animation and digital collage in this mixed media promo for Mike Shinoda’s 'Make It Up As I Go'.

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Shahaf Ram Charts the Progression of a Broken Heart in the Sublimely Mournful ‘Separation’


10th January, 2018

Shahaf Ram takes DN through the creation of 'Separation', his sublimely realised mixed media expression of the emotional devastation caused by lost love.

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Tal Kantor Reflects on the Gulf Between Words and Actions in Fragmented Mixed Media Animation ‘In Other Words’


20th November, 2017

Tal Kantor returns to DN for an extensive look at the techniques, tools & thought processes which led to her captivating exploration of inaction & regret.

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Ynon Lan Contemplates the Nature of Memory & Familial Loss in Layered Bezalel Grad Short ‘Close the Shutters’


17th November, 2017

Ynon Lan tells DN how he drew from personal memories and family photographs for his multi-layered, mixed media tribute to familial loss and remembrance.

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DN352: In Conversation with Legendary Filmmaker Chris Shepherd

Animation, Film Festival, Podcasts

4th October, 2017

DN caught up with Chris Shepherd to reflect on his celebrated career and return to the hybrid world of animated/live action violence in 'Johnno’s Dead'.

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DN290: My Face is in Space – Tom Jobbins

Animation, Podcasts

20th June, 2013

A truly mixed media piece of filmmaking comprising stop motion animation, stills and NASA archive footage, Tom Jobbins’ My Face is in Space explores the

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I Dreamt of Flying

Animation, Documentary

30th May, 2012

Inspired by his grandfather – an RAF tail-gunner 1943-44, – I Dreamt of Flying is a a mixed media documentary written, drawn, animated and

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Stealing Sheep: Shut Eye


7th May, 2012

Whenever I see a film that utilises stop motion buttons, I unfairly compare it with Denise Hauser’s strange mirrored worlds short Copy City. While

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