Jossie Malis joins us to discuss the first two episodes of his shadow play inspired ten part animation series Bendito Machine, which explore the ever problematic universal issues of power, corruption and religion.

Bendito Machine (2006)

A primitive tale about power, corruption, religion and machines; as usual.

9 Responses to DN089: Bendito Machine – Jossie Malis

  1. ulises infante AKA eulalio says:

    Fantastic interview,
    Pateando traseros!!!
    way to go Jossie!!!!!!!!!!

  2. alvaro3 says:

    great work that bendito machine
    nice interview
    felicitaciones a Jossie por tan increible trabajo,
    gracias por la oportunidad de escucharlo

  3. MarBelle says:

    Glad you like the interview!

  4. Boris says:

    nice interview! can I please get the embed of your interview with Jossie. I want to include it in my existing blog entry about bendito machine

  5. MarBelle says:

    Glad you like it Boris. Just right click the podcast icon at the tip of the post and grab the direct url to the file. Happy you want to share it!!!

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