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An Isolated Woman Finds Renewed Purpose in a Post-Apocalyptic World in Steve Squall’s Sci-FI Odyssey ‘Mujō’

Live Action

18th September, 2020

Steve Squall takes us through the first instalment of serial sci-fi odyssey 'Mujō', the story of a woman's isolated existence in a post-apocalyptic world.

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Mike Lars White Explores a Peculiar Friendship in Witty Road Trip Comedy ‘The Rick and Stanley Show’

Live Action, Premiere

12th August, 2020

We hit the road with director Mike Lars White and a pair of unlikely friends in his poignant and witty conversation comedy 'The Rick and Stanley Show'.

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How Lenny Abrahamson Transformed Sally Rooney’s Best Selling Novel Into the Record-Breaking TV Event of the Year

Live Action

27th July, 2020

Lenny Abrahamson digs deep into TV series 'Normal People', from working with an Intimacy Coordinator for the first time to making subtle stories resonate.

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Ben Dean on Filming the Variety of Quarantine Experiences in his Diverse ‘Shelter in Place’ Dance Video Series


16th July, 2020

Ben Dean shares his experience making music video series 'Shelter in Place', 7 diverse one-shot dance films that explore the range of emotions in lockdown.

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An Asshole AI Runs Roughshod Over Its Creators in Joel Jay Blacker’s Comedy Sci-Fi Series ‘Who You Are’

Live Action

28th February, 2020

Director Joel Jay Blacker returns to DN with comedy sci-fi series 'Who You Are' and tells us how he brought an asshole AI to foul-mouthed life.

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Matt Hopkins’ Follows Britain’s Most Exciting Zero-Waste Restaurant in ‘A Failure of the Imagination’


19th December, 2019

Matt Hopkins talks to DN about creating short doc 'A Failure of the Imagination' about the first five years of ground breaking zero-waste restaurant Silo.

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“I Had the Freedom to Do Whatever I Wanted” John Morena on Releasing the Choice Cuts of Area 52


12th September, 2019

Creator of 'one film a week' animation project 'Area 52' John Morena reveals why he's decided to released 25 choice cuts on YouTube as the "A-Sides".

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Harvey Pearson Tracks a Burgeoning Relationship in SG Lewis Music Video Trilogy in ‘Dusk, Dark and Dawn’


20th August, 2019

Harvey Pearson tells DN about shooting 16mm and collaborating with SG Lewis to create burgeoning relationship music video trilogy 'Dusk', 'Dark' & 'Dawn'.

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Mr. Madila on Love & Death

Animation, Asides

15th May, 2019

Beakus animator Rory WT returns to the mind-bending philosophy of gifted spiritual healer Mr. Madila in his new comedy series for Adult Swim Smalls.

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Stathis Athanasiou Tracks the Stages of Female Fury in Music Video Trilogy Meets Short Film ‘Rage Park’

Live Action, Music, Premiere

7th May, 2019

Stathis Athanasiou discusses stealing unapologetically, the creativity of limitations and expressing female fury in music video trilogy short 'Rage Park'.

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Mackenzie Sheppard Gets in the Mindset of an Alien to Sell Our Planet in His ‘Visit Earth’ Web Series

Live Action

14th March, 2019

Mackenzie Sheppard returns to DN to discuss 'VISIT EARTH' - a series designed to "sell" planet Earth to intergalactic tourists.

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Underwater Dancer Julie Gautier Goes in Search of What’s Hidden in Shern Sharma’s Lyrical Documentary ‘Xibalba’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

6th December, 2018

Shern Sharma joins us to discuss besting the challenges of underwater filming and Mexico's weather for his lyrical Julie Gautier documentary 'Xibalba'.

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