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Andrew De Zen Explores Loss, Chaotic Thoughts & the Anxiety of Heartache in ‘Stories We Tell Ourselves’

Art & Fashion

14th August, 2018

Andrew De Zen tells DN about depicting the anxious feelings of loss & chaotic thoughts brought on by time & fading memories in 'Stories We Tell Ourselves'

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The Art of Change – In My Dreams I See Volcanoes

Art & Fashion, Asides

13th August, 2018

Lexi Kiddo’s 'In My Dreams I See Volcanoes' for the Barbican expresses its LGBT theme with a riotous mix of dance, poetry & colour.

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Area 52 B-Sides

Animation, Art & Fashion, Asides

10th August, 2018

DN gets excited about John Morena's decision to release the deep cuts from his 'a new film a week for a year' project as the 'Area 52 B-Sides'.

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The Art of Change – DYSTOPIA

Asides, Live Action

30th July, 2018

Richard Dixon Wheatley ponders the urban sprawl of London life as experienced by members of its eroding communities in The Art of Change short 'DYSTOPIA'.

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Andrew De Zen Succumbs to the Siren Call of the Sea in ‘Skin’ for Alaskan Tapes’

Asides, Music

19th July, 2018

An unfathomable event on a deserted beach is observed by a lone witness in 'Skin' - the 2nd part in Andrew De Zen's trilogy of Alaskan Tapes music videos.

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How John Morena Used Physical Techniques to Create the Glitchy Title Sequence of Netflix’s ‘Evil Genius’


19th July, 2018

John Morena reveals the unique methods he used to create an authentic title sequence for Netflix true crime documentary series 'Evil Genius'.

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Andrew De Zen Launches the First in a Series of Narrative Music Videos for Alaskan Tapes with ‘Waiting’


5th July, 2018

Andrew De Zen talks to DN about providing a glimpse into unknown lives in 'Waiting', the first of a series of enigmatic music videos for Alaskan Tapes.

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Marc Guardiola Captures the Playful Process of Writer Mr Perfumme for Creative Doc Series ‘Once Upon an Artist’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

8th June, 2018

Mr Perfumme divulges the methods of his writing in Chapter 2 of Marc Guardiola’s poetic doc series exploring the art of creation, 'Once Upon an Artist'.

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The Creativity Delusion Part 2: We’re All Geniuses

Asides, Documentary

6th June, 2018

Copy-Me‘s The Creativity Delusion mini-series hits its midpoint with a deep dive into our equally shared capacity for genius in 'We’re All Geniuses'.

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Future Classics – Season 2

Asides, Documentary

17th May, 2018

Elias Ressegatti’s non-collectable cars series 'Future Classics' drops a trio of new episodes of automobile appreciation to feed your gearhead addiction.

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The Creativity Delusion: There is no Genius

Asides, Documentary

16th February, 2018

The Copy-Me team kick off their 3-part 'The Creativity Delusion' video essay series with a debunking of our fetishised view of the isolated creative genius.

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One New Film Every Week for a Year: John Morena Reflects on His Epic Instagram Animation Project ‘Area 52’

Animation, Art & Fashion

25th January, 2018

New York filmmaker John Morena reflects on all he learnt creating 52 animated shorts in his epic year-long Instagram project 'Area 52'.

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