Few people are as qualified to make a judgment call as to a film’s quality as a fellow filmmaker; so when Jeanie Finlay suggested I take a look at Emily Branham’s Doc Challenge winning documentary Legend: a film about Greg Garing, I knew my time would be well rewarded. I spoke to Emily about the sometimes serendipitous nature of filmmaking and the balance of storytelling and respect for your participants.

Legend: a film about Greg Garing (2010)

In his early 20s, the extraordinary musician Greg Garing played with every country and bluegrass legend on the Nashville Opry scene. Now, at 43, his doctors have given him a year to live and he’s forced to come to terms with a secret he’s kept all his life.

I definitely wanted to do justice to the truth of this story and preserve his dignity. Those are forefront in my mind as I’m putting an edit together and there were moments I left out to make that happen.

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  1. Bill Rouda says:


    Photographs of Greg Garing on Lower Broad in Nashville in late 90’s on the above link.

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  2. MarBelle says:

    Great pictures Bill!

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