Yeah, it may be raining and miserable outside, but it’ll take more than that to stop El Vez and I heading off for our annual Cinema Tent screenings with OFVM at the Reading and Leeds music festivals.

If you’re a regular here you’ll no doubt recognise some of the films and kick ass directors in our thank you list below, but even you loyal folks should find a few new gems to check out amongst the past favourites.

If you’re at Reading or Leeds this weekend click on the posters for timings and be sure to shout @kung_fuelvis or @MarBelle on twitter if a desire to drink beer and chat films catches you (we’ll be at Reading as usual).

I’ve started to feel bad about flaunting such a great programme of films in front of our non-UK, non-festival going friends, so just for you, here’s a trailer for this year’s screening. Enjoy and let us know your favourite films in the comments.

15 Before the 3rd – Jamie Winterstern
15 minutes before the 3rd period – a coach calls upon his rookie.

Ataque de PanicoFede Alvarez
Giant robots invade Montevideo!

Au Bout Du RouleauThe Artaban Filmance & Mandri
250 rolls of toilet paper put to good use.

Josh Shipp: Class of 2010Maxime Bruneel
Motion graphics music promo.

Clutchy Hopkins: Verbal HeadlockChristian Borstlap
Fancy finger work for Clutchy Hopkins’ Verbal Headlock promo.

Cotton StonesJonathan Entwistle
A brother’s betrayal and the nightmare of growing up too fast, in a place where there is nothing to live for.

Crash! Bang! Wallow?Jon Dunleavy and Keith Wilson-Singer
Crash! Bang! Wallow? is the tale of ex-stuntman Larry LeTan and his fight to find a place in modern world.

Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug DealerAndrew W. Jones
In the annoyingly sparkly future-scape of Neo-Mega-Ultra Tokyo, reporter Holly Malone tracks a murderous urban legend. She discovers that a chain of drug related killings leads down a super natural trail. A trail that ends with no average pill pusher, but FRANK DANCOOLO: PARANORMAL DRUG DEALER!

I Met the Walrus – Josh Raskin
In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan snuck into John Lennon’s hotel room in Toronto and convinced him to do an interview. 38 years later, Levitan, director Josh Raskin and illustrators James Braithwaite and Alex Kurina have collaborated to create an animated short film using the original interview recording as the soundtrack.

Ramona Falls: I Say FeverStefan Nadelman
Victorian animal faced people music promo.

Jaydiohead: Ignorant Swan MedleyJason Cacioppo
Street dance music promo.

Brett Domino: Justin Timberlake MedleyRob Madin
Comedy music medley.

Leader of the PackJason Roberts
One cash register, two robbers, and $3.50.

Light WarfareFreddie Wong
Enough with the rainbows and flowers – it’s time for guns and missiles! This is the true power of light painting: every weapon at your fingertips.

Music Matters: Kate Bush – Elliot Dear
The Music Matters campaign looks at the work of Kate Bush.

Music Matters: The Jam – Show & Tell
The Music Matters campaign looks at the work of The Jam

Music Matters: Louis Armstrong – Lee Gingold
The Music Matters campaign looks at the work of Louis Armstrong.

Music Matters: Nick Cave – Sarah Cox & Emma Lazenby
The Music Matters campaign looks at the work of Nick Cave.

Music Matters: Sigur Ros – Felix Massie
The Music Matters campaign looks at the work of Sigur Ros.

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc.Chris Cairns
Neurosonics Audiomedical Laboratory footage.

Nobody Beats The Drum: Grindin’Rogier van der Zwaag
Stop Motion Animation ‘Grindin’.

Nuit BlancheArev Manoukian
Nuit Blanche explores a fleeting moment between two strangers, revealing their brief connection in a hyper real fantasy.

PivotKevin Megens, Floris Vos, Arno de Grijs, André Bergs
When a man is witness to a murder and takes pictures of the killer, he has to run for his life. During the chase he is able to turn the tables and the prey becomes the hunter. All resulting in an unfortunate ending.

PixelsPatrick Jean
New York invasion by 8-bits creatures!

SonarRenaud Hallée
Rhythmic cycle w/ abstract animation.

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn’t seen it)Joe Nicolosi
My friend Amanda had never seen a whole Star Wars film. When I asked her if she wanted to watch the original trilogy she said that she would, but that she already knew what happens. So I took out my voice recorder and asked her to start from the top.

“SWITCH”Tyson Hesse
If you don’t like the company you’re in just “SWITCH”.

T-Shirt WarJoe Penna
Rhett & Link’s dueling t-shirts battle.

The Cat PianoEddie White & Ari Gibson
In a city of singing cats, a lonely beat poet falls for a beautiful siren. When a mysterious dark figure emerges, kidnapping the town’s singers for his twisted musical plans, the poet must save his muse and put an end to the nefarious tune that threatens to destroy the city.

The Subway TimeDongzhen.Li
Chaos ensues on the underground.

Miles Fisher: This Must Be The PlaceDavid Green
A music promo homage to the cult classic American Psycho.

Three and a Half Seconds About LifeEran Hilleli
A series of unfortunate birds.

Tim and Puma Mimi: PerspectiveMone
The story of a girl who lives in a big city. She’s tired of the concrete jungle around her and follows the moon into a colourful land with no shadows. Her alter ego is a tiny girl with a radio. And sometimes the two girls meet each other.

TUB – Bobby Miller
Paul jerked off in the shower. Paul just impregnated his bath tub.

Wax Tailor feat. Charlie Winston: I Own You – Romain Chassaing
Stop motion music promo.

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