Regularly compared to Michael Winterbottom’s 9 Songs due to its depiction of sex, Ashley Horner’s second feature about a couple in all consuming love, brilliantlove has caused a stir with critics and viewers alike. Ashley joins us to discuss his reasons for bringing such a frank portrayal to screen and the importance of the ‘why’ when working with actors.


Over a long, hot summer, Manchester, a novice photographer, documents his love affair with his taxidermist girlfriend, Noon. Franny, a wealthy pornographer, discovers the wonderfully charged images and launches Manchester on an unsuspecting art world. Sudden success threatens to poison their once idyllic life together.

The film’s not been made as an exploitative piece of cinema. It’s not a soft core porn film masquerading as art […] I never made a film that’s about provocation, I made a film about love showing all the facets of a love affair.

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