How does the idea of a surfing holiday in the Maldives with no one around for miles except for you and your small group of friends strike you? Yep, sounds lovely, that is unless you happen to be on the boating trip created by Australian director Adam Blaiklock in his debut feature Caught Inside; a film that makes the horror staple of the nutter tipped over the edge all the more scary by placing him in the all too familiar realms of everyday possibility. Adam and I sat down at SXSW to discuss the fragility of relationships and his concept of the body as a weapon.

Caught Inside (2010)

A group of surfers arrives in a remote spot off the Australian coast, and the isolation and pressure push one person over the edge, leading to a violent outburst and a fight for survival.

I didn’t want it to be a real black and white film about bad guy/innocent girl. I wanted that line to be a little bit fuzzy. To me the film’s about the monsters we create.

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