Much of what I decided to see at SXSW came from the recommendations of others, so when Andrew Johnson of MovieChatter called me up to insist I join him and the director of one of his favourite South By films for dinner “Right Now!” I hoped it’d turn out to be a good watch. As it happened Bad Fever was some of the best filmmaking I saw at the festival and I’m pleased to have been joined by director Dustin Guy Defa for my final interview of SXSW. We spoke about not losing your voice to the pull of Hollywood and knowing when to step back for the good of the project.

Bad Fever (2012)

A humorless loner attempts to win the admiration of a drifter with his debut performance at the local comedy club.

Everything about the film was brand new for me. I was finding a new way to speak with the story & with the characters & with film.

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