It’s been a while since director Andrew Huang joined us to discuss his identity seeking machine, experiemental animation Doll Face. Since then he’s been more than busy producing a slew of impressive commercials and music videos but the time has come for Andy to once again turn his attention back to the personal project with a brand new experimental fantasy film SOLIPSIST:

SOLIPSIST is a three part psychedelic fantasy short film about otherworldly beings whose minds and bodies converge into one entity. Filled with elaborate costumes, stunning visual effects, and underwater puppets, the film is a non-narrative purely visual/audio experience designed to transport viewers through a hypnotic, dream-like experience. It consists of three parts, each featuring visually fantastic characters and creatures that converge with each other in surreal ways. The film concludes by featuring all three segments combine into a colorful, psychedelic finale.

If you’ve already watched Doll Face, you’ve seen what Andy achieved with a tiny budget 6 years ago, so given a little Kickstarter help I’m sure SOLIPSIST will be a mind blowing piece of work. If you want to find out more about the project and perhaps throw in a few bucks to get things moving, head over to the SOLIPSIST Kickstarter page and pledge your support.

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