When El Vez posted Eric Power’s paper craft animation Path of Blood ā€“ Demon at the Crossroads of Destiny I was immediately struck by two thoughts: “Why does that bastard keep beating me to all the best films”, closely followed by “I wish I could see more of that brutal ninja action!” Well if we all lend a hand we can help Eric make the latter a reality (if not answer the former), as if he reaches his Kickstarter goal he promises to create a feature length version of Path of Blood that’s bigger, bolder and I’m hoping a whole lot bloodier:

I am looking to raise funds for the production of my first feature length animated film. The film is tentatively entitled ‘Path of Blood’ and will be a fleshed out version of my short film of the same name. Whereas the short film was mostly silent, the feature film will delve deeply into a large cast of interesting individuals each with their own motivation for walking the path of blood. I am extremely proud of the story I have created, there are tons of surprises in store and plenty of engaging and bloody action.

The rewards for supporting Path of Blood are particularly tempting, with a full panoramic scene piece of artwork catching my eye in particular. If the rewards alone aren’t enough to convince you, Eric’s sweetened the pot by creating the brand new animation Mario on Paper featuring everyone’s favourite plumber as you’ve never seen him before:

Head on over to the Kickstarter page for full details and to pledge your support.

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