As we saw in his feature debut Zoomer last year, director Sam Huntley has a real knack for drawing rich personal portraits, so he was bound to excel in the field of fashion portraiture. Italian Vogue were smart enough to spot the obvious fit and commissioned Sam to create a short film to accompany Emma Summerton’s stills shoot of actress Gemma Arterton. The resulting film, rich in colour and texture, plays out languidly to Melanie’s cover of Ruby Tuesday.

If you’re not familiar with Sam’s work, as well as tracking down a copy of Zoomer, I suggest you take a look at his short documentary Polish Your Shoes, which tells the story of the grandfather he never knew through the recollections of his elderly children.

One Response to Italian Vogue: Gemma Arterton

  1. El Vez says:

    OK, I’ve watched this about 4 times in a row now, I think I’m hypnotized by it.

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