If like us, here at DN, you’ve followed the career of Sean Dunne closely, you’ll be giddy with excitement to hear that the talented Brookyln filmmaker has a feature in the works. Sean is currently trying to raise the money on Kickstarter to make his documentary Oxyana possible, so if you’re just as desperate as us to see what he can achieve over a feature running time, donate what you can.

From what we can tell from short extract/trailer that Dunne has put on Vimeo, this looks like it could be the director’s darkest work yet:

Oceana, West Virginia, sits squarely in one of God’s blind spots. It’s one of the old coal mining communities that feeds the nations insatiable appetite for energy. Set in the middle of unbelievable natural beauty, a beauty that in the last number of years, has been marred by the Appalachian scourge of Oxycontin. Life persists, but it’s a living that few Americans could explain or even believe; closer in kind to the world of a medieval plague. Men and women die epidemically. The addicts— who are the vast majority, and all nice enough people— sell, scramble, and steal in an economy of nigh-endtimes desperation. Worn down and out by the pills, the mines, or the indignity of both, everyone is easily twice their own age, and unable to imagine an existence outside of coal, subsidies, and prescription narcotics. Things could hardly get darker— or more fucked and implausible— than in this place called Oceana.

And here’s more from Sean:

Vimeo Community,

You’ve been so kind to me by supporting my short documentaries and spreading the word about them. Thank you for that. Now I’m trying to make a feature and I could really use some more support.

Please consider donating to the kickstarter campaign that will fund my first feature length documentary, Oxyana. No amount is too little and we have some really cool rewards including a bunch of exclusive, never before seen footage from American Juggalo (it’s pretty effing amazing).


I wouldn’t be where I am today without your help and this film won’t happen without your contributions.
Baby, I need you now more than ever. If you have any further questions about the project please feel free to hit me up.

Thanks in advance.


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