Based on Boris Bergmann’s book Viens La Que Je Te Tue Ma Belle, Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire’s feature Punk is a portrait of the animality of a teenager trying to establish his identity from the fringes of society. Jean-Stéphane joined us for a chat about the film and his desire to experiment with cinema on the edge of fiction and documentary whilst trying to create different forms of storytelling.

Punk (2012)

An intense and solitary teenager, Paul finds himself caught up in a journey for freedom, full of violence, betrayal and hope. Abandoned by his father, torn between his mother, with whom he maintains a tender if tormented relationship, and his punk friends, with whom he hangs out at concerts, parties and street fights, he lives fully in the present. At a concert, Paul meets Louise and falls in love. But something is missing, and he continues searching for the father who never recognized him.

For me taking risks is the most important thing in making films. It’s how you can succeed or not.

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