We’ve long been fans of the output of students from The Animation Workshop – I have a sneaky feeling that El Vez would happily ditch our uni days together to enrol there if given the chance of a do over. The latest fruits from the school’s Trailer project assignment challenged students to create a 30 second trailer loosely inspired by a variety of well known film titles. The results do a brilliant job of maintaining the spirit of the originals whilst restaging them in alternative, imaginative landscapes and realities.

One Response to The Animation Workshop Trailer Project

  1. El Vez says:

    What a great brief for the students – whoever came up with this really needs high praise. The outcome of the project is fascinating – great to see not only so many different styles on show, but to see these classic films re-imagined in such creative ways.

    I’d love to see a couple of these expanded – the ET/Alien hybrid was both intriguing and horrifying.

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