A Picture of the Three of Us 29
When D.C. band These United States set out on their six week tour that would see them play 33 shows in 33 cities with 33 different lineups, they asked director Jared Varava to come along and document their herculean adventure. Jared returns to DN to discuss battling hard drive failures on the road, the temptation of grilled chicken and why putting the camera aside once in a while to be present in the moment can be a positive when it comes to conveying the emotion and atmosphere of an experience on film.

A Picture of the Three of Us (2013)

A Picture of the Three of Us is a feature documentary chronicling rock&roll band These United States’ coast-to-coast collaborative experiment playing 33 shows in 33 cities as 33 different line-ups.

You’re not going to be able to capture an emotion if you don’t know what emotion you’re trying to capture.

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