If the all powerful mega-corps who control the structural pillars of society turned their attention to the paranormal and its workings then the subsequent experimental trials they ran might well look something like Gian Mario Ortu’s conceptual short A M • N.

When I started working on this project the basic idea was to bring the audience a sequence of apparently disconnected situations. The structure of the short is based on the idea that fictional corporation A M • N CORP controls paranormal phenomena through technology. What you see is a collection of different experiments that are driven and analysed through an electronic interface. Behind everything there is the ectenic force that acts like a new physical and psychical force. Everything is structured keeping in mind Alchemy, the ancient science of Egypt and the Golden Rule and its correlation to Fibonacci’s sequence in both visual and melodic elements.

The short was realised by a team of three people:

  • Myself – Design, Direction & Visuals: There is no real footage in the short, everything was generated in 3D – created in Maya and rendered in Vray. All the compositing was done in Nuke and After Effects with editing done in Adobe Premiere.
  • Valeria Di Gabriele – Production Coordinator: Valeria defined deadlines and managed all my notes concerning the 3D and motion graphics in order to make sure I completed everything in the shortest period of time. She is also handling ‘A M • N’s’ promotion.
  • Roberto Ortu – Sound Design: Roberto created and edited all the sounds and music. We worked together to find the style we liked to express the visuals and the emotional mood of every shot at its best.

It took 4 months in total from concept to the final Vimeo upload to complete the short.

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