A graduate of the inaugural NFTS Film Clinic programme, which had its world premiere at this year’s Sheffield’s DocFest, Michelle Heighway’s feature documentary Mr Somebody? unearths the life and times of Britain’s most famous eccentric Jake Mangle-Wurzel. Michelle joins us to discuss how her 6 year passion project progressed and ultimately grew into an unlikely friendship.

Mr Somebody? (2014)

In Huddersfield, Yorkshire there is an outspoken legendary retired performing eccentric living a very unusual lifestyle. Michelle Heighway has filmed Jake Mangle Wurzel over five years. During this period, Jake is forced to clear his yard by the local council, and as Jake throws away his strange inventions we find out how and why he came to be living on the edge of society.

I think that Jake never took the documentary seriously. I was just a bit of fun – a young girl who lives down the road who came up with the camera.

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