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A Woman Falls into a Fantastical World After the Loss of Her Child in Haolu Wang’s ‘The Pregnant Ground’

Live Action

18th October, 2019

We speak to NFTS graduate Haolu Wang about anchoring magical realism with a grounded psychological journey of trauma and loss in 'The Pregnant Ground'.

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A Mother Longs for Retribution Regardless of the Cost in Charlie Manton’s Death Penalty NFTS Short ‘November 1st’

Live Action

8th July, 2019

Charlie Manton explains how he created a winter American road movie during a sweltering UK summer for his death penalty NFTS short 'November 1st'.

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A Man Battles the All Consuming Guilt of His Actions in Dee Meaden’s Disquieting Short ‘Mark’

Film Festival, Live Action, Premiere

27th June, 2019

A man becomes consumed by the fear he may have done something terrible on a night out in Dee Meaden's disquieting study of consent, guilt and masculinity.

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A Contrary Newcomer Shakes up the Established Order of a Rural Religious Community in Dee Meaden’s ‘Good News’

Live Action, Premiere

30th May, 2019

DN kicks off a monthly showcase of Dee Meaden's work with 'Good News', the story of a religious community disrupted by the arrival of a contrary newcomer.

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How Two Randomly Paired Characters Led Matthew Lee to Create Stop-Motion Short ‘Cabin Pressure’

Animation, Premiere

15th April, 2019

Recent NFTS graduate Matthew Lee joins us to discuss stop-motion short 'Cabin Pressure' and how it helped shape his grad film 'One Liner'.

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Animation, Asides, Live Action

2nd April, 2019

The past traumas of a career on the force come to haunt an ageing Policeman in Ed Smith’s impressive 2D/live action hybrid NFTS grad short 'Police'.

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A Girl’s Body Derails Three Brothers’ Plans of Escape in Jonny Blair’s ‘Come Out of the Woods’

Live Action

6th November, 2018

Jonny Blair talks to DN about 'Come Out of the Woods' - the story of three brothers whose plans of escape are disrupted by the discovery of a girl's body.

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Sam Gainsborough Takes Claymation Life-Size with Stop-Motion/Live-Action Hybrid ‘Facing It’

Animation, Film Festival, Live Action

27th September, 2018

NFTS graduate Sam Gainsborough joins us to discuss how he used about "half a tonne of plasticine" in his inventive grad film 'Facing It'.

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Wild Horses

Asides, Live Action

5th June, 2018

A young girl struggles to deal with her illness, whilst also becoming obsessed with horses, in Rory Stewart's NFTS short.

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Quentin Haberham Scavenges for Friendship in Junkyard Short ‘Jack’


14th January, 2016

We talk to Director Quentin Haberham about creating a junkyard hero with a heart in animated short ‘Jack’.

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Michelle Heighway Unearths the Life & Times of Britain’s Most Famous Eccentric in ‘Mr. Somebody?’


23rd March, 2015

We revist our interview with documentary director Michelle Heighway for her feature debut 'Mr. Somebody?' - a look at the life and times of Britain's most

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DN321: Mr Somebody? – Michelle Heighway

Documentary, Podcasts

12th November, 2014

Michelle Heighway’s feature documentary Mr Somebody? unearths the life and times of Britain’s most famous eccentric, Jake Mangle-Wurzel. Michelle joins

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