In Juicy J’s Flood Watch, music video wizards LAMAR+NIK (last featured here) return to their hometown roots of Oklahoma to showcase the interesting lives lived in small town USA and white America’s love (if not understanding) of black culture. Reflecting on the evolution of the film in relation to current events LAMAR+NIK said:

“After we started to edit the video something transformative happened. The video became a lot more poignant than what we had ever imagined. When we stepped back and looked at the cut it was a peek into the current climate of our country. Events kept happening in America that kept giving the images in our video more and more weight. The NFL protests, the violence in Charlottesville, and mass shootings all started to make us realize we had to be careful with the images we chose to use and the message we were presenting. In the end, what we’ve made is a piece of content that we think can help start conversations around these issues.”

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