When a young man, lost in an unfamiliar city, finds himself at a party the sparks of youthful desire ignite in Alexan Sarikamichian’s (last seen on DN here) teen dream short Fausto. Although at first glance Fausto bears the hallmarks of a traditional music video it was, in fact, the case that the music – provided by Argentinian band The Alvears and featured on their debut album – was created and recorded specifically for this film. About his desired tone and aesthetics for Fausto Alexan says:

“I think the video has a strong visual imprint, it is very sensory but it is built through colors and ambience. We were able to achieve a party situation of people who are relaxed, young, without prejudice, full of energy, having a good time with themselves and with those around them. It was very important for me to work on each of the costumes, I wanted everyone to look cute, I am a fan of the 80s and vintage, but there are also some sporty and modern looks, I think we put together a little bit of everything. I love the aesthetics of GUCCI, it was an inspiration to create the mood.”

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