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Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, And hands that shed innocent blood.

Art & Fashion, Asides

29th March, 2019

Sebastian Lopez reaches into the good book for his visual maelstrom of a short 'Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, And hands that shed innocent blood'.

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Take a Whistle Stop Tour of the Land of the Rising Sun in Dante Zaballa’s Charming Animation ‘My Trip...


10th December, 2018

Animator Dante Zaballa tells DN about immortalizing his jaunt to the land of the rising sun in delightfully charming animation 'My Trip to Japan'.

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Asides, Live Action

1st October, 2018

Alexan Sarikamichian considers those moments of loveless anguish when you find yourself adrift in your deepest thoughts in dark romance short 'Blackout'.

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Asides, Music

6th August, 2018

When a young man lost in an unfamiliar city finds himself at a party the sparks of desire ignite in Alexan Sarikamichian’s teen dream short 'Fausto'.

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A Sequence of Statements

Animation, Art & Fashion, Asides

23rd April, 2018

Pablo Alfieri shows perfection the finger in 'A Sequence of Statements', his 3D reflection on the eternal & infinite feeling of being stuck in a loop.

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Love Is Love

Art & Fashion, Asides

10th April, 2018

Alexan Sarikamichian pushes back on those whose judgements are quickly formed at surface level in new fashion short 'Love Is Love'.

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Bring Me Down

Asides, Live Action, Music

14th February, 2018

A heartbroken woman drowns her romantic sorrows by embarking on a magical journey to relive her past relationship in Alexan Sarikamichian's new short.

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A Lovelorn Man Struggles Against Time, Memory & Oblivion in Carlos Lascano’s Wistful Short ‘The Puppeteer’

Live Action

29th November, 2017

DN speaks to Argentinian filmmaker Carlos Lascano about his dark tale of a puppeteer who finds himself trapped in a labyrinth of memory and fantasy.

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Alexan Sarikamichian Ponders the Conundrum of Loving Two People at Once in ‘NOT YOUR GIRLS’

Art & Fashion

14th April, 2017

Alexan Sarikamichian talks about nudity, the male gaze and capturing unadulterated femininity in his alluring tale of teenage desire, guilt and confusion.

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Better Together

Art & Fashion

14th December, 2016

Pablo Alfieri discusses his new handcrafted commercial spot for Hatsu and why he felt the need to strike out on his own again as a freelance director.

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Feel the Highs & Lows of a Teenage Love Triangle in Alexan Sarikamichian’s Road Trip Short ‘COSMOS’

Art & Fashion

2nd September, 2016

A trio of beautiful polyamorous teens fall in and out of love on a desire fuelled road trip in Alexan Sarikamichian's short film 'COSMOS'

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Fabricio Lima Traverses Heartbreak Frame by Painful Frame for Animated Music Video ‘One of Us’

Animation, Music

19th June, 2015

Fabricio Lima tells DN how heartache and Marcelo Jeneci’s lovelorn track 'One of Us' led to his latest music video.

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