A dystopic trip into a world of oppression and persecution for Dolphin, noir anti-utopia music video 387 depicts the brutal actions of a special subdivision of a totalitarian regime as they attempt to quash the spread of those possessing special knowledge and the power to transmit it to others via light, through the use of physical and pharmacological means. Writer/Director Lado Kvataniya (who previous stunned us with futuristic promo Orpheus) shares more about the project with DN below.

I got an offer from the artist to make a music video. After a while I got the song and had to build a concept. In the song it talks about human values (love, family, parents and children, etc.) in a poetic form. Therefore, I wanted people to speak about these values, but for a reason, as if it was their position for which they were condemned. That sparked the idea of interrogation and a whole world began to form where these values are evil and unnecessary. A dystopian genre where a certain nation opposes these values and a man stands against a state machinery.

I was inspired by writers such as Yevgeny Zamyatin, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, and Ray Bradbury and visually by Alexey German, Andrei Tarkovsky, Mikhail Kalatozov and Orson Welles. Dystopia, Horror and Sci-fi are my favourite genres. I like to create alternative realities. Cinema is like a journey and I give the audience an opportunity to take a dark trip.

Cinema is like a journey and I give the audience an opportunity to take a dark trip.

The production of 387 took us about a month to complete. We prepared the project over two weeks and shot it in two days on an Alexa mini using anamorphic Lomo lenses from 1971. We wanted to create an unusual ecstatic image, but at the same time remain within the 4:3 frame aspect ratio.

My next film is in postproduction now. This time I chose a new genre for me of noir comedy. It’ll be ready to share with you all soon.

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