A Motion Response piece created for next year’s edition of Pause Fest, Nicolas Arnold – who we last saw with the vintage NASA inspired H E L I O S – reinterprets Emily Dickinson’s famous “Forever – is composed of Nows” quote as a seamless blend of visual and practical effects, suffused throughout with an arresting riot of colour. Discussing the process of experimentation which formed Forever’s foundation Nicolas says:

“I started shooting hundreds of clips in search of a narrative using liquids and various types of oil in order to generate “Orbs” each representing different “Nows” clustered by color. Experimenting with blacklight and blacklight colors turned out to be very promising as I was able to create a bridge between fluids and illuminated physical objects like glass balls. I shot iridescent materials and LED lights in macro to drive the texture channels in Trapcode MIR so I could create a few dozen assets which I played back on my laptop as a backdrop.”

You can read full details about the project in Nicolas’ write up, and also enjoy the Lionel Richie vibes as you watch the film’s Process Reel.

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