We’re beginning to think that Russian filmmaker Lado Kvataniya could easily be a shoo-in for busiest director of 2019. His latest, The Untitled for Maslo Chernogo Tmina, is a surreal visit to a post-Soviet purgatory where lost souls gather for a mystical ritual-transition. Featuring a cast of non-professional actors, Kvataniya purposely left them to their own devices in front of the camera in order to catch an impromptu glimpse of their inner lives.

“We just had to set up the camera, everybody left and I brought the actor in. He didn’t know when I was going to shoot and didn’t know what to do. Before that, we were each having a small, but frank, short interview, and what I learned about their lives, frankly speaking, was shocking. I wanted everyone to get their own autobiographical scene.”

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