Commissioned as part of the Barbican’s Life Rewired series of shorts tasked with the exploration of what it means to be human in the face of rapidly evolving technology, London-based filmmaker Klaas Diersmann’s Divided We Scroll provides an eerie depiction of the obsessive, compulsive and divisive relationships we form with and through our ever pervasive screens.

A film which could perfectly round off a tech-caution triple bill next to Cynical Smile’s digital age discomfort short Fracture and Will & Carly’s indictment of projected perfection Filterface, Diersmann too employed contemporary dance as a means through which to express the effects of this accelerating, yet abstract danger:

“I was inspired to work with a contemporary choreographer to artistically and physically demonstrate how our world, our communities, our bodies and our minds are in constant wireless connection to technological networks. Pepa Ubera, a London based choreographer was also researching this topic and we began to discuss how to bring the film to life. I was fascinated to discover that many of our physical movements how we interact with technological devices have been patented by tech giants, and these movements inspired the interpretative choreography for the film.”

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