An Iranian Mother Is Pushed to Choose Between Danger or Destitution in Kaveh Mazaheri’s Gripping Drama ‘Funfair’

Live Action

3rd February, 2020

Kaveh Mazaheri returns to discuss his new short 'Funfair' - the story of a desperate man who drafts his wife into a dangerous ploy to improve their lives.

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Joseph Blanc Re-Envisions Love and Happiness in Painterly Music Video ‘This Mess Won’t Make Itself’

Animation, Music

22nd February, 2017

Motion Designer Joseph Blanc provides a reprieve from typical love stories with his painterly, emotionally gripping music video for Dead Seem Old.

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As the Apocalypse Looms Jimmy Marble Navigates the Messy Road of New Love in ‘End of Babes’

Live Action

14th February, 2017

If you like a little apocalypse mixed into your romance then Jimmy Marble's short is the perfect film for you and all your relationship anxieties.

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Carlos Lopez Estrada Tells a Provocative Tale of Sheep and Violence in Watsky’s ‘Stick to Your Guns’


26th January, 2017

A sheep herder and his rapidly dwindling woolly charges discover the destructive nature of violence in Carlos Lopez Estrada's latest Watsky music video.

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Ben Cox Journeys into the Vivid Mind of a Creator in ‘Alan Williams Metal Artist: Creatures of the Deep’


20th January, 2017

Ben Cox discusses the inspiration and creative process behind his portrait documentary which introduces us to the vivid mind of a Brighton metal artist.

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