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Marc Guardiola Captures the Playful Process of Writer Mr Perfumme for Creative Doc Series ‘Once Upon an Artist’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

8th June, 2018

Mr Perfumme divulges the methods of his writing in Chapter 2 of Marc Guardiola’s poetic doc series exploring the art of creation, 'Once Upon an Artist'.

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The Creativity Delusion Part 2: We’re All Geniuses

Asides, Documentary

6th June, 2018

Copy-Me‘s The Creativity Delusion mini-series hits its midpoint with a deep dive into our equally shared capacity for genius in 'We’re All Geniuses'.

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Paul Stone Laments the Loss of NYC Traditions in the Face of Gentrification in Little Italy Doc ‘Mulberry’


5th June, 2018

Paul Stone shares how the story of lifelong New Yorkers plagued by the pressures of gentrification stoked the creative fires for documentary 'Mulberry'.

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Ivan Olita Reveals the Realities of Life for New York’s Young Artists in ‘Can’t Nobody Else Love You’


30th May, 2018

Ivan Olita delves into the realities of NYC living for the city’s new breed of artists in layered non-fiction short 'Can't Nobody Else Love You'.

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Delve into the Headspace of a “Frequent Floater” in Lance Oppenheim’s ‘The Happiest Guy in the World’


24th May, 2018

Director Lance Oppenheim takes us behind the lens of his cruise ship set New York Times Op-Doc 'The Happiest Guy in the World'.

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Future Classics – Season 2

Asides, Documentary

17th May, 2018

Elias Ressegatti’s non-collectable cars series 'Future Classics' drops a trio of new episodes of automobile appreciation to feed your gearhead addiction.

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Unseen Films & Forgotten Cult Classics: Take a Look Inside East London Film Club ‘Deeper Into Movies’

Documentary, Film Festival, Premiere

16th May, 2018

Christopher Rogers’ new documentary unearths the roots and ethos behind Steven T Hanley’s cult East London film club 'Deeper Into Movies'.

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The Lines of Reality & Fiction Blur in Dominique Van Olm’s Sibling Short ‘Little Brother’

Documentary, Live Action

15th May, 2018

DN speaks with Dominique Van Olm about documenting her brother's first trip to Toronto in form-bending narrative sibling documentary, 'Little Brother'.

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High Diver

Asides, Documentary, Music

14th May, 2018

Music video and documentary collide in this fun tale of fearless high diver Dana Kunze from DH Jacobs and Dheff Films.

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See How the Sign-Makers of Goodwin & Goodwin Do What They Do in Reuben + Jamie’s ‘Signs with Soul’

Animation, Documentary

11th May, 2018

Reuben + Jamie talk to DN about the tricks of the trade behind their playful profile doc ‘Signs with Soul’ for master sign-makers Goodwin & Goodwin.

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Paul Nevison Exposes the Cold Cruelty of Ghana’s Modern Day Child Slavery in ‘Lake Volta’

Documentary, Premiere

10th May, 2018

Paul Nevison’s ‘Lake Volta’ provides a harrowing firsthand account of the experience of a young boy sold into slavery on the world’s largest

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Revel in the Pure Joy of Pushing Machines Beyond Their Limits & Getting Really Dirty in ‘Mudfest’


1st May, 2018

Filmmaker Mike Bove tells DN how he and co-director Mitch Buss captured the limit pushing spirit of the mud loving, mechanical tinkerers of Mudfest.

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