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Watch #FiveFilms4Freedom – A Global Digital LGBTQ+ Online Film Festival

Documentary, Film Festival, Live Action

23rd March, 2018

The British Council and BFI Flare Festival continue their global, digital LGBTQ+ online film festival #FiveFilms4Freedom.

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Asides, Documentary

19th March, 2018

Kendy Ty shares Bangkok-based model and actress Kitarang Tasee’s thoughts on the joys of bondage performance in short portrait documentary, 'Ropes'.

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13th Mobile Film Festival Award Winners

Documentary, Film Festival, Live Action, News

14th March, 2018

Wrapping up its 13th edition the Mobile Film Festival illustrates that even the shortest of short films can be poetic, aesthetic and impactful.

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Kathryn Ferguson Explores The Meaning of Luxury Amidst The Pressures of Modern Society in ‘The Greatest Luxury’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

13th March, 2018

Consisting of in-depth interviews, poetry and visual metaphors from radical artists, Kathryn Ferguson's vivid documentary explores the meaning of luxury.

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Sam Ashby Reflects on the 1960s Fight for Gay Equality in Documentary/Drama Hybrid ‘The Colour of His Hair’

Documentary, Live Action

7th March, 2018

Sam Ashby discusses blending documentary, drama and a forgotten unrealised script for his impressionistic meditation on queer life in 1960s Britain.

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Toyota – Start Your Impossible: Dergin Tokmak

Asides, Documentary

5th March, 2018

Adi Halfin tells the story of world renowned breakdancer Dergin Tokmak, a paralyzed acrobat who has developed a unique style of dancing on crutches.

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Culture Trip Hope to Inspire a Life of Adventure with Hybrid Doc ‘Elspeth Beard – Riding into History’

Animation, Documentary

28th February, 2018

Culture Trip look to spread the flame of adventure by sharing the tale of Elspeth Beard - the first British woman to motorcycle around the world.

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Step Into the Dark World of Tattoo Artist João Bosco in Autobahn’s ‘Skulls Snakes and the Flower of Death’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

27th February, 2018

We speak to Autobahn about snakes, skulls & the flesh sacrifice made for their lyrical portrait of the alluringly dark world of tattoo artist João Bosco.

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DN357: James Erskine Documents the Awe-Inspiring Artistic, Athletic & Societal Struggle of ‘The Ice King’

Documentary, Podcasts

23rd February, 2018

James Erskine shares how he crafted a documentary about the artistic, athletic and societal struggle of John Curry, the world's greatest ice skater.

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Relive the Birth & Death of the Ayia Napa UK Garage Scene in João Retorta’s ‘Sun, Sea and UKG’

Documentary, Music

22nd February, 2018

João Retorta talks to DN about his documentary charting of the rise and fall of the late 90s UK Garage scene in the Cyprus resort town of Ayia Napa.

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Asides, Documentary

20th February, 2018

American figure skater Ashley Wagner reflects on the pain of her hard worked for lifelong dream torn away in Liza Mandelup’s insightful short, 'Showpony'.

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The Creativity Delusion: There is no Genius

Asides, Documentary

16th February, 2018

The Copy-Me team kick off their 3-part 'The Creativity Delusion' video essay series with a debunking of our fetishised view of the isolated creative genius.

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