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DN368: A Defiant Teen Discovers the Destructive Power of Lies in Svetla Tsotsorkova’s Bulgarian Drama ‘Sister’

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

16th November, 2019

Svetla Tsotsorkova joins DN to discuss her drama feature 'Sister' the story of a compulsive liar whose fanciful stories threaten to tear her family apart.

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A Lesbian Couple Ride the Intoxicating Roller Coaster of Romance in Kevork Aslanyan’s ‘Tell Me’


14th August, 2019

Director Kevork Aslanyan & Producer Luzius Fischer share how they amalgamated their favourite Bulgarian & Swiss talent for music video Tell Me.

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How Creating ‘Firebird’ led Velislava Gospodinova to Explore her Bulgarian Roots and the Vulnerable Side of her Personality


28th March, 2019

Filmmaker Velislava Gospodinova joins us on DN for the first time to discuss 'Firebird' - a rhythmic animated short inspired by mythological stories.

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Yo Vo Takes a Shot at Contemporary Culture’s Blind Adoration in Disquieting Fashion Short ‘Copycat’

Art & Fashion

21st February, 2019

Yo Vo tells DN how Jonathan Glazer, Yorgos Lanthimos and dual cinematographers helped shape his fashion film takedown of influencer culture, 'Copycat'.

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A Couple Desperately Try to Hold on to a Love Long Dead in Kevork Aslanyan’s ‘Holey Wholly Holy’


7th February, 2019

Kevork Aslanyan shares how he captured a relationship in terminal free fall in his emotionally intense music video for Sasha Siem's 'Holey Wholly Holy'.

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A Skilled Piano Restorer Dreams of the Maestro Life in Kevork Aslanyan’s Documentary ‘Balkan Royal’


21st August, 2017

Kevork Aslanyan tells DN how an unwanted piano led to the the discovery of the aspirational subject of his first foray into documentary filmmaking.

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