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Scott Geersen Visualises the ‘Legacy’ of Humanity in TEDxSydney’s Grand 10th Anniversary Titles

Animation, Art & Fashion

29th July, 2019

Scott Geersen tells DN how he safeguarded humanity's 'Legacy' for the future in his breathtaking title sequence for the 10th anniversary of TEDxSydney.

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Animation, Asides, Live Action

5th June, 2019

Cheerldr gives his CGI creations centre stage in 'Louise' - the story of a girl whose memories drift away, crossing the boundaries of time and reality.

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Truth vs Lies

Animation, Asides

25th March, 2019

Director Clim & animator João Lucas explore the nature, differences and confusion that can arise between facts and fabrications in CG short Truth vs Lies.

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Tomek Suwalski Journeys into a Post-Apocalyptic Russia in Thrilling CGI Metro Exodus Trailer ‘Artyom’s Nightmare’


21st March, 2019

DN speaks to writer/director Tomek Suwalski about expanding the world of the Metro game series in his thrilling cinematic CGI short 'Artyom's Nightmare'.

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Substance Set out on a Stunning Journey of Exploration, Connection & Creation in Node Fest’s Sci-Fi Title Sequence


10th December, 2018

Sydney motion studio Substance tells DN how they expressed the iterative journey of creation in their epic sci-fi title sequence for Nodefest 2018.

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Humankind’s Present & Potential Future Collide With the Past in Scott Geersen’s CGI Titles for TEDxSydney

Animation, Art & Fashion

10th July, 2018

Scott Geersen tells DN how he met the weighty challenge of summing up the good & the bad of our species in his 'Humankind' title sequence for TEDxSydney.

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TEDxSydney 2018: Humankind

Animation, Art & Fashion, Asides

25th June, 2018

In his TEDxSydney title sequence Scott Geersen traverses a CGI rendered gallery in which humankind’s present & potential future collide with the past.

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Make it Home for Christmas

Asides, Live Action

20th December, 2017

Mad Ruffian deliver a hard hitting warning about the dangers of texting whilst drive in their haunting campaign short 'Make it Home for Christmas'.

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Traverse the Foreboding CGI Landscape of Stef & Wyt’s Unsettling Sci-Fi Universe in ‘Ghost Culture’

Animation, Music

18th May, 2017

Stef & Wyt explain how they drew from classic sci-fi tales whilst experimenting with photo-realistic 3D animation designs for Dawn Geometry's Music Video.

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