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WeAreDN // Lockdown: Eye for an Eye

Animation, Film Festival, Live Action

31st May, 2020

Embrace the siren call to vengeance with a WeAreDN // Lockdown collection which leans into our primal desire to even the score & claim an 'Eye for an Eye'.

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An Oppressive Regime Reaches Boiling Point in Dean Puckett’s Folklore Short ‘The Sermon’

Live Action

31st October, 2018

DN speaks to Dean Puckett about 'The Sermon' his allegorical folklore horror short about an isolated village reaching boiling point.

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Satan’s Bite

Asides, Live Action

6th September, 2018

Dean Puckett’s devilish Straight 8 short 'Satan’s Bite' sees an accused witch turn the tables on her capturers.

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DN278: Grasp the Nettle – Dean Puckett

Documentary, Podcasts

28th February, 2013

For his latest feature documentary Grasp the Nettle, director Dean Puckett gave up his normal life to live with activists in the Kew Bridge echo village and

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