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Documentary, Premiere

Kiril Shmidov Captures the Dawn of the Pandemic From an Aerial Perspective in Drone Short ‘We Above III’

Kiril Shmidov discusses the third instalment of his drone series 'We Above', which captures the visual grandeur of a world on the precipice of a pandemic.

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Ania Bajorek Freezes the Follies of Youth in Time for Drone Shot Motion Photograph Music Video ‘Ogień’

Ania Bajorek explains why drones were an essential production tool for the series of motion photographs created for teen tableaux music video 'Ogień'.

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Animation, Art & Fashion

Joshua Dawson Envisions the Digital Future of Chile’s Resource Striped Ghost Towns in Foreboding Short ‘Loa’s Promise’

Joshua Dawson tells DN how he used drone footage & 3D modelling to create a foreboding vision of Chile's resource striped ghost towns in 'Loa's Promise'.

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Art & Fashion, Asides

Mindless Crowd

Jacco Kliesch examines the patterns humans have stamped on the surface of planet earth and asks what it’s all for in aerial short 'Mindless Crowd'.

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Art & Fashion, Music, Premiere

Deru Brings His Birds Eye View Contemplation of Human Existence to a Close in Meditative Short ‘Warmer Nights’

Deru takes DN behind the scenes of 'Warmer Nights' - the final instalment in his three-part 'Torn in Two' video collaboration with Bryan Konietzko.

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Live Action

Director Mackenzie Sheppard Looks to Personify Technology with Morality Tale ‘Donny the Drone’

Mackenzie Sheppard joins us to discuss being taken hostage at gun point & the other challenges of shooting a short with a drone as the central character.

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Explore Hidden Spaces & Remote Landscapes in the Progress Film Company’s Cinematic ‘Lost But Not Forgotten’ Series

Uncovering some of 'Europe’s most intriguing tales’ we speak to Progress Film Company’s Stuart Hackshaw about their intriguing ongoing series.

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Live Action

The Highs & Lows of Drone Filmmaking with Director Paul Trillo

Director Paul Trillo joins us to discuss the challenges of shooting his 10-minute "one-take" short 'At The End Of The Cul-de-Sac' entirely on a drone

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