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Maegan Houang Weaves an Alluringly Surreal Tale of Memory & Loss in Fantasy Short ‘In Full Bloom’

Animation, Live Action

27th June, 2019

Maegan Houang shares how personal memories of loss informed the narrative and emotion of her practical effects based surreal short 'In Full Bloom'.

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Sam Mason Unveils the Seeds of an Epic Mythology in Surreal YGT Short ‘Sinking Ship’

Animation, Art & Fashion, Music

4th February, 2019

Sam Mason talks to DN about crafting a new mythology through surreal landscapes & impossible characters in his YGT collaboration 'Sinking Ship'.

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Karol Moch Ventures Deep Into a Fairytale Forest to Get Lost in the Mystical World of Piotr Bejnar’s ‘Jellyfish’


1st February, 2019

Filmmaker Karol Moch tells DN how he overcame numerous setbacks & delays in order to bring fairytale passion project 'Jellyfish' to enchanting life.

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A Crazy Creature Laboratory Breaks Into Chaos in Nebula Studios’ ‘Don’t Feed These Animals’


30th January, 2019

DN speaks with animators Guilherme Afonso & Miguel Madaíl de Freitas about mixing the drab and joyful to create anarchic short 'Don't Feed These Animals'.

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Animation, Asides

30th January, 2019

A curious young peasant makes a fatally chilly discovery in the woods in animation & design studio Bullpen’s enchanting short 'Shimo'.

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A Teenage Girl Uses Her Newfound Superpower to Steal Her High School Crush’s Virginity in Andrew Wonder’s ‘Whipped’

Live Action, Premiere

22nd January, 2019

Andrew Wonder takes DN behind the scenes of 'Whipped' - the story of a teenage girl who uses her superpower to steal her high school crush’s virginity.

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A Blindfolded Woman Must Confront an Unknown Terror in Álvaro de la Hoz’s Mystery Horror Short ‘Frightening Woods’

Live Action

11th January, 2019

Álvaro de la Hoz dispatches a lone blindfolded woman into the forest for a confrontation with an unseen monster in his Super 8 horror 'Frightening Woods'.

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Live Action

26th September, 2016

David Bousquet and Kristin Bousquet combine practical effects, classic monster building and a bi-linear storyline for their debut fantasy action short.

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