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Maud Geffray: Ice Teens

Asides, Music

22nd March, 2018

A cohort of compliant girls at an isolated boarding school are indoctrinated into their own demise in Thomas Vernay’s 'Ice Teens'.

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Asides, Documentary

19th March, 2018

Kendy Ty shares Bangkok-based model and actress Kitarang Tasee’s thoughts on the joys of bondage performance in short portrait documentary, 'Ropes'.

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We Are Aliens From Outer Space

Art & Fashion, Asides

16th March, 2018

French director Nicolas Millot takes a look at Japan from a different point of view in 'We Are Aliens From Outer Space'.

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Thomas Vernay Chases the Fleetingness of Youth to the End of the World in ‘Contrails’


2nd March, 2018

Thomas Vernay explains how casting and a free form approach to cinematography were key elements in the creation of his ode to the end of all things.

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Clément Oberto Revels in the Voyeuristic Pleasures of a Late Night Motel Striptease in ‘Nite Bites’


23rd February, 2018

A late night motel striptease reveals more than expected in Clément Oberto's voyeuristic, neon bathed FADED AWAY promo, 'Nite Bites.

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Hugo De Faucompret Laments the Loss of Friendship in Animated Music Video ‘Ma Ydoum Hal’

Animation, Music

7th February, 2018

Hugo de Faucompret explains how a chance meeting with TREE9’s lead singer led to his entrancing, animated lost friendship music video.

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Transcend the Boundaries of Love & Memory in Adrien Lhommedieu’s Sci-Fi Romance ‘Lila & Valentin’

Live Action

23rd January, 2018

DN sat down with Adrien Lhommedieu to discover how he brought his ambitious metaphysical rumination on the nature of love and consciousness to screen.

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Fanny Hoetzeneder Captures the Melting Pot of London’s Illegal Car Meet Ups in Docu-Music Video ‘BloodType’

Documentary, Music

8th January, 2018

Filmmaker Fanny Hoetzeneder tells DN how she discovered a harmonious microcosm of England's diverse capital in her illegal car meet up docu-music video.

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Léa Mysius Captures the Destructive Desires of Youthful Rebellion in 35mm Feature Debut ‘Ava’

Live Action

3rd January, 2018

Director Léa Mysius tells DN how her 16mm short and the image of a starving black dog set the stage for her audacious coming of age 35mm feature debut.

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J.A.C.K Choreograph a Battle of Multiple MØS in Dance Off Music Video ‘When I Was Young’


15th December, 2017

Parisian duo J.A.C.K tell DN how they pulled off the visual feat of a trio of MØs facing off in a dance battle for their 'When I Was Young' music video.

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Explore Iñupiat Culture First Hand in Zoé Lamazou & Victor Gurrey’s Interactive Doc ‘A Whaling Season in Alaska’


13th December, 2017

In their interactive doc Zoé Lamazou & Victor Gurrey explore Iñupiat culture & how offshore drilling affects the traditional practice of whale hunting.

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Appreciate the Beauty of Frozen Moments in Arthur Valverde’s Sculptural Dance Short ‘Statures of Gods’

Art & Fashion

5th December, 2017

Arthur Valverde tells DN how he combined sculpture and dance to express the beauty of the frozen moment in Paris art short 'Statures of Gods'.

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