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Dan Braga Ulvestad Documents the Death Hotels in the Consecrated City of Varanasi in ‘By the River’

Documentary, Premiere

15th February, 2021

Dan Braga Ulvestad discusses the challenges of filming in a sacred city and his perspectives on capturing the perfect subjects for doc short 'By the River'

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Asides, Documentary

5th March, 2019

Rishi Chandna’s delightful doc 'Tungrus' captures the life of a domineering pet rooster who terrorises a Mumbai family in their cramped suburban apartment

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Adi Halfin Reveals How India’s First Female Pro Skateborder Atita Verghese Is Fighting Outmoded Gender Roles


27th November, 2018

In her inspiring profile doc for Toyota Adi Halfin reveals how India’s first female pro skateboarder Atita Verghese is fighting outmoded gender roles.

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Watch #FiveFilms4Freedom – A Global Digital LGBTQ+ Online Film Festival

Documentary, Film Festival, Live Action

23rd March, 2018

The British Council and BFI Flare Festival continue their global, digital LGBTQ+ online film festival #FiveFilms4Freedom.

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Rahul Bhushan Presents the Kristy De Cunha 2018 Collection in Neon Swathed Fashion Short ‘BLOW’

Art & Fashion

12th February, 2018

Rahul Bhushan gets down and dirty in his showcase of the Kristy De Cunha 2018 Collection in neon swathed fashion film 'BLOW'.

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DN299: Mae and Ash – Shuchi Talati

Live Action, Podcasts

13th September, 2013

Developing from its humble beginnings as a directing/acting exercise into a fully blown film over several drafts, Shuchi Talati’s well observed short Mae

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Hard Hat

Live Action

4th November, 2012

Before Flight of the Pompadour Karan Kandhari kicked off the A United Howl shorts trilogy with the award winning comedy Hard Hat.

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DN LFF2012: Flight of the Pompadour – Karan Kandhari

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

4th November, 2012

The second instalment in A United Howl, Karan Kandhari’s trilogy of shorts about misfits, outsiders and loners, Flight of the Pompadour is a charming

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DN LFF2010: Autumn – Aamir Bashir

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

25th October, 2010

Rafiq’s brother has been missing for several months now. With no idea of his whereabouts or location from the authorities that took him and several

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DN LFF2010: I am Kalam – Nila Madhab Panda

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

20th October, 2010

Chotu is a young boy born in to poverty. His mother sends him to work with at his Uncle Bhati’s cafe where he watches and becomes inspired by a speech

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VAMP Protests Against Prostitutes of God

Documentary, News

12th October, 2010

I don’t think Sarah Harris or VBS could have foreseen the level of anger 'Prostitutes of God' has provoked from certain quarters.

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DN LFF08: Firaaq – Nandita Das

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

24th October, 2008

It’s the time of year when I get to pretend I’m hard done by; slaving away in darkened cinemas, gorging on the finest films the Times BFI 52nd

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