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Daire Collins’ New Yorker-Produced ‘For Emergency Use Only’ Piercingly Ponders the Price of Paranoia


29th July, 2021

With flickering TV screens, tentative voiceover and talking-head testimony, Daire Collins explores a fear-laden prepubescence with 'For Emergency Use Only'.

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Stefano Ottaviano Celebrates the Motivating Spark That Leads to Great Change in ‘One By One’


2nd July, 2021

Stefano Ottaviano walks DN through the euphoric feeling of self-actualisation that underpins his music video for Diplo's anthemic 'One By One'.

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Sam McMullen Tackles the Futility of Nationalism in Irish Black Comedy ‘The Cocaine Famine’

Live Action

30th March, 2021

Sam McMullen breaks down the key visual concepts he employed to translate his Irish black comedy 'The Cocaine Famine' from a well-known play to short film.

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How the Shark Awards Is Evolving Into One of the UK’s Most Exciting Short Film Festivals

Film Festival

11th December, 2020

Chairman Peter Brady introduces us to The Shark Awards' latest venture Shark Awards Short Film, a brand new stand alone festival and awards event.

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Ignas Laugalis Blurs the Boundaries Between Fantasy & Reality in Fever Dream Music Video ‘Dusktime’


1st September, 2020

Ignas Laugalis takes DN inside the low budget 25 hour shoot day behind Beyond the Wash's neon-drenched fever dream of a music video 'Dusktime'.

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How Lenny Abrahamson Transformed Sally Rooney’s Best Selling Novel Into the Record-Breaking TV Event of the Year

Live Action

27th July, 2020

Lenny Abrahamson digs deep into TV series 'Normal People', from working with an Intimacy Coordinator for the first time to making subtle stories resonate.

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Learn How Lorcan Finnegan Trapped Us in the Horror of Suburbia for Disturbing Sci-Fi Thriller ‘VIVARIUM’

Live Action

26th March, 2020

Director Lorcan Finnegan returns to DN for an extensive discussion about creating the disturbing (un)reality of his feature sci-fi thriller 'VIVARIUM'.

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Barry Chapman Looks to Toy with Audience Expectations in Animated Experiment Compilation ‘The Big Flip’


5th March, 2020

London-based motion designer Barry Chapman joins us to discuss exploring reverse dynamics in 'The Big Flip' - a compilation of animated experiments.

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Luuk Walschot Looks Beyond Superficial Divisions in the Hope of Greater Unity in ‘Union Jake’

Live Action

21st January, 2020

Luuk Walschot asks why we can't put our efforts into finding what unites rather than divides us in his challenging identity short 'Union Jake'.

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Carol Freeman Creates an Astounding Journey of Self-Discovery in Paint-On-Glass Animation ‘The Bird & the Whale’

Animation, Premiere

28th November, 2019

Carol Freeman reveals how a team of animators worked error-free for 14 months across nearly 4500 paintings for paint-on-glass short 'The Bird & the Whale'

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Corporate Monster

Asides, Live Action

18th September, 2019

After his eyes are opened to an all pervasive threat an unstable man spirals out of control in Ruairi Robinson’s sci-fi horror short 'Corporate Monster'.

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The Second Coming

Animation, Asides

20th February, 2019

Eoin Duffy flexes his geometric animation skills in this interpretation of Irish poet William Butler Yeats’s 'The Second Coming', created for TED Ed.

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