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Live Action

Evil Reigns on Both Sides of the Camera in Josefin Malmén & David Strindberg’s Meta Short ‘A Bloody Mess’

Josefin Malmén & David Strindberg talk through the practical challenges of rendering themselves on screen for their self-referential comedy horror.

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Live Action, Premiere

A Difficult Decision Causes a Looping Infinite Reality in Tom Moran’s Pastel-Coloured Fantasy ‘Romanesco’

Tom Moran reveals how he adapted his mind-boggling metanarrative concept into a self-referential spiral of a film about a woman trapped in an infinite dream.

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Reality Crumbles in Lachlan Pendragon’s ‘An Ostrich Told Me the World Is Fake and I Think I Believe It’

Lachlan Pendragon takes DN through the creation of the clever yet whimsical character models featured in his metarealism Oscar nominated animation short.

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Music, Premiere

A Musician Makes a Music Video While Making a Music Video in Josh Sondock’s Ambitious Promo ‘Morning / Midnight’

Josh Sondock unpacks the ambitious technicality behind his multi-layered one-take music video about a musician making a music video.

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Documentary, Premiere

Argyro Nicolaou & Margaux Fitoussi’s ‘I, Tony’ Is a Meta-Documentary About the Desire to Be Remembered

Argyro Nicolaou and Margaux Fitoussi discuss harnessing the unpredictable energy of photographer Tony Moussoulides in their experimental biopic 'I, Tony'.

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