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Scott Perry Illustrates the Power of Heroes to Pave the Way in Inspirational Nike Spot ‘Queens Lead’


18th February, 2020

Scott Perry walks DN through inspirational Nike spot 'Queens Lead' - an exhilarating illustration of how personal heroes pave the way for future Queens.

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Nike – Further Than Ever

Asides, Live Action

24th June, 2019

Ian Pons Jewell throws us into the thick of the action in 'Further Than Ever' – a kinetic celebration of Chinese female athletes created for Nike.

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How Ian Pons Jewell Lined up Viral Success for Nike in Future Football Ad Spot ‘Dare to Become’

Live Action

5th November, 2018

DN talks to Ian Pons Jewell about his viral 'Dare To Become' Nike ad spot - an exhilarating playful mix of future tech and dynamically shot football.

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Don’t Call Me Precious

Asides, Live Action

7th September, 2018

Ben Brand demonstrates the resilience of children in 'Don’t Call Me Precious', an ad spot made for Nike China featuring four real-life child athletes.

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