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Michael Kam Acutely Renders the Awkwardness of Young Infatuation in Coming-of-Age Short ‘Melodi’

Inspired by the Indonesian comic book, Michael Kam's 'Melodi' elegantly tells the story of a young boy trying in vain to do the right thing for his crush.

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A man with a Rubik’s Cube head who finds himself out of sync with his peers struggles to connect in Xue Enge’s final year grad short 'Cubed'.

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DN LFF2013: Ilo Ilo – Anthony Chen

Already an art house hit in France and his native Singapore, Anthony Chen’s debut feature Ilo Ilo pulls inspiration from his younger experiences of family

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Ira Glass on Storytelling

Recent events aside, Ira Glass is widely recognised as one of the greatest broadcasters/storytellers/documentarians of our time and his Ira Glass on

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Ethics for the Starving Designer

Everything we come into contact with ever day was at some point along its journey designed, which gives designers as a whole a vast amount of hidden power over

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DN080: Gardens By the Bay – Squint/Opera

Squint/Opera are well known for their work operating in the space between the film industry and architectural practice, realising commissions as hybrid

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15 – Royston Tan

Royston Tan had 27 cuts applied to his feature 15 when it was given a limited release in his native Singapore, due to its potential for "the promotion

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