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The Reids Chart the Tense Ongoing Challenges of Running a Fashion Brand in Doc ‘Cole Buxton: Still Here’

The Reids explain how they adapted to the sudden changes and challenges that arose for the Cole Buxton brand in their follow up documentary.

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Art & Fashion, Premiere

An Infinite Queue Is Formed in Ben Kadie’s Technically Mind-Blowing Surreal Dance Short ‘Ahead, Behind’

Ben Kadie and JA Collective break down the process of developing the trippy infinite queue effect featured in their surreal dance short.

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Tobias James’ ‘Speedboat’ Is an Exhilarating White Knuckle Introduction to Bangkok’s Frenzied Waterway Racing

Tobias James describes the camera considerations and hold on and hope approach when filming at 130kmph on a drag racing turbo longtail riverboat.

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