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A Birthday Girl’s Wiener-Dog Gets Annihilated by Her Hapless Father’s Car in McKinley Carlin’s Comedy ‘Noodles Forever’

Writer/Director McKinley Carlin speaks to DN about using extreme close ups to heighten the hilarity of his uncomfortable comedy about a sausage dog's demise.

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Live Action

Marco Lawson’s ‘The Dinner’ Perfectly Captures the Dangerous Mix of Social Anxiety and Heavy Drinking

With dark lighting, close angles and an improvisatory feel, Marco Lawson explains how he expertly captured the awkwardness of keeping up with the in-laws.

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VERSUS Exalt the Cacophonous Tools of Party Dozen’s Trade in the Chaotic and Gritty ‘Macca the Mutt’

VERSUS detail how they pulled together a fabulously chaotic, diesel fuelled smash fest of a music video for Party Dozen's latest track.

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